Born in Rome, Italy, most of my early memories are of painting and pony rides; I sat on a horse’s back before I knew how to walk. Travel has been a regular part of my childhood and adolescence, meeting different cultures, walks of life, as well as equines and the people with whom their lives are intertwined, from workhorses in Egypt to racehorses in Poland.

It fascinates me that even though we domesticated horses for our own uses, what we admire about them most is their free spirit. Horses themselves are creatures of paradox; they are strength and softness, fire and silk. I have set out to learn all I can about them, as the more I delve into the worlds of equine anatomy, biomechanics and ethology, the more I realize how wonderfully complex and misunderstood horses are. This, I believe, is reflected in my art, as I not only admire their raw beauty, but want to explore their inner lives, their humbler side, the relationship between humans and horses and the gulf that still exists between us and them. My work is disciplined in technique, but not lacking in affection; I emphasize anatomical realism and compositional harmony as much as I celebrate colour and expression.

I currently live and work in Novara, in north-west Italy, and have a lop-eared rabbit named Yo-Yo.